What must you know about Brandon Sanderson?

The majority of fantasy authors attempt to form a fictional universe and it comes to life when people read them. But, Brandon Sanderson is a little different from others. He is an author of science fiction and epic fantasy. This American author is unmatched and is considered the most prolific and consistent fictional author. Anderson is popular for his Cosmere fictional universe where some of his fantasy novels, like The Stormlight Archive and Mistborn series, are set. Brandon Anderson is also pretty popular for writing many juveniles and young adult series. Some of the popular works of Anderson are the Skyward series, The Reckoners, and also the Alcatraz series.

Sanderson has become successful in writing 40+ superb stories that boast of having exclusive magical structures and intricate plot settings. If you go through Brandon Sanderson books then you will find yourself immersed in pure delight. The remarkable thing is people always find themselves escaping into a captivating fictional world that Brandon Sanderson has formed when they read his books. According to his fans, he is a rare talent and he manages to mesmerize his readers with mysterious and exclusive stories. The best thing about him is he forms a universe that has many interesting characters as well as fascinating storylines.

The top best of Brandon Sanderson

  • Elantris – In the year 2005, Brandon Sanderson wrote Elantris and it is an epic fantasy that is different from other works present in the market. This book concentrates on Elantris, a city that is populated by immortals and they all have magical powers connected to healing. These immortal beings possess a sacred transformation, known as Shaod and any person can go through it for turning into an Elantrian. Some mysterious forces shattered their magic and transformed them into a curse.
  • Warbreaker – In Warbreaker, a young princess becomes engaged to some Godlike King and this King belongs to a neighboring nation. And so, her elder sister promises to bring her sister (princess) back home. Later in the story, Sanderson brings the most unfamiliar twist and that is the King isn’t real but he is a puppet only. The sisters found a partner who could work with them and he is a mysterious man. This man does use his magical energy for changing people into superhumans. Again, he possesses a talking sword too.
  • Steelheart – Steelheart showcases the ideal depiction of government recessions. The protagonist of this story has got no meta powers and so, he can oppose some wicked creatures though he has made up his mind to stop these creatures because he has got a personal dispute against these wicked beings. When you like superhero fiction, then Steelheart will surely amuse you and steal your heart.
  • Arcanum Unbounded – Arcanum Unbounded is one of the short works of Sanderson that comprises 9 stories having deeper meanings. These stories do capture his way of writing as well as understanding the world that he has formed. People who read Brandon Sanderson books find this story to be highly interesting and there’s no boring point anywhere.