The Woes Of Android Gamers

Despite the fact that there’s a ton of users and contains arrived at the alluring position tailed through the voluminous satisfied customers and ripples within the innovation in addition to a mobile gaming world, the road of Android Game Development isn’t all cozy and rosy. It’s grappling in dark with uncertainty and fear this precious and deviously produced bubble might burst. This isn’t a vain make an effort to write the obituary of Android, but it is a genuine and scholarly make an effort to illuminate certain eye shadows within the room of the Google OS that are largely unknown to a lot of.

A) Lower In Application Revenue:

The figures clearly indicate that Android is comprehensively beating the IOS along with other os’s, but little much deeper insight reveals the painful truth. Android users are sparingly utilizing their pockets with regards to having to pay to have an application. Total game revenue for Android is 20%, whereas the IOS’s contribution involved 74%. Thus the main game creators are naturally eying Apple users who’ve displayed great spending potential.

B) Subordinate OS:

As described above, the truly amazing spending power you along with the company name Apple may be the prima reason developers wish to launch their games on IOS first after which around the Android. Indeed, Apple is really a proven marketplace that is giving Android the status from the secondary or deputy OS.

C) Diverse Platforms:

Though many doubts whether it’s a real problem, but quite understandably, it is a complex task to build up high finish games for 4000 platforms. Presently, Android operates on greater than 4000 mobile models with various hardware set ups. It’s frustrating to determine that particular 3D or very graphic heavy games just don’t operate on these to.

D) Piracy:

This is actually the Achilles heel which is now a chronic disease. If Butterscotch studio needs to be believed, 95% from the Android form of its Towelfight game is pirated. The interesting factor is, only 5% from the Apple games are unlawfully lifted. Waked with this uncomfortable alarm, Bing is now applying some serious measures to fight the piracy by enabling developers to seal lower the games that have been acquired unlawfully, but it is the toughest cat to bell!

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