The job market for sports analysts

If you want to become a sports analyst, you will need to start by learning and understanding what sports analysts do in their line of work. Basically, if you decide to set a career in the field of วิเคราะห์บอล or sports analysis in general, your work will mostly be about providing commentary and expert discussions on sports-related topics. You will have media personalities interviewing you before or after a game to know what you think about various sporting events. What you say can have a lot of effect on the sports industry a lot because there are people who will actually depend on what you say to make decisions. For instance bettors usually depend a lot on what expert analysts have to say about certain sports events for them to make their bets.

Niche career field

If you choose to get into sports analysis field, you need to know that this is a small career field because the field is still young. There is still a lot that needs to be done to make this field into what it should be. Most sports analysts work for sports news organizations like Sports Illustrated, ESPN, NFL Network, and The Sporting News among many others. These organizations employ a huge number of sports analysts because they provide around the clock sports news. The sports analysts that these organizations employ cover large sporting events and offer 24-hour news coverage.

Normally, there are two types of sports analysts. On one hand, we have general analysts who analyze all kinds of sports and sporting events and on the other hand, we have sport-specific analysts who only work on specific sports and sporting events. For instance, one can specialize as a football analyst so that they only analyze football and nothing else.

Jobs vary by city, region and nation

Sports broadcasters are employed in almost all kinds of TV stations, both local and national or in larger cities. However, you will not find a local TV station that employs a sports analyst unless the area has sports teams around. Normally, you will only find sports analysts employed by TV stations in larger cities where there are several sports teams that need to be analyzed. Larger cities also have more sports analysts than smaller ones.


How much you will earn as a sports analyst will vary a lot depending on various factors. In most cases, if you are employed in a place where the market for sports is large such as a large city, you will earn comparatively more than those who work in small markets. Your level of popularity also plays a huge role in how much you will earn as an analyst. There are analysts who are very popular because of the scale of projects and analyses they have done in the past and that allows them to earn a lot more than those who haven’t. Your employer will also determine how much you earn as a sports analyst. Analysts who are employed by larger sporting teams and sports organizations earn much more than those who are employed by small teams and organizations.