Really Weird Video Games That Had Surprising Success

There are numerous archetypes in gaming that are accepted, praised, known and always played. We have first-person shooters, platformers and RPG games, among many others. However, there are also some games that are so weird even users on are surprised.

Because of the fact that the games are so weird when most game developers try to capitalize on trends, so many of the weird games get a cult-like following. Some will make you wonder if you actually play a game while others are just so bizarre that you wonder how the production team even came up with it.

Goat Simulator

When you first see this game it is completely normal to wonder if this is actually real. There is even a quote inside the game where you hear begging for it to become real. While Goat Simulator was most likely just designed as a “broken, and stupid game”, as highlighted by the developer, it eventually gained an incredible amount of popularity.

Playing as a goat is just weird and there is so much weirdness in the game that it is actually hard to be bored. You will jump incredibly high with trampolines and you can use your tongue to attach to objects. You are a super goat that chases humans.

Farming Simulator

What does everyone know about farming? It takes a lot of time. So, how can a farming simulator be successful? A large part of the success of Farming Simulator was that people were over-saturated with racing games, flight simulators and basically the same games over and over again. Giants Software capitalized on that and launched something completely different. If you take a look on YouTube at view counts for some Farming Simulator gameplay videos, you will notice a really high number.

Tokyo Jungle

Tokyo Jungle puts you in a world where humans no longer exist. You start as a Pomeranian, a truly vicious “predator”. As you play you need to find where to live, find food, mate and explore. Experience is gained and you get to unlock animals that are a lot more threatening than the lovely Pomeranian. Explore downtown Tokyo and have fun through a really weird concept that most likely should not have been this successful.

Mister Mosquito

Controlling critters is strange but it is also quite interesting since it is something you do not expect. Mister Mosquito puts you in the shoes of a mosquito. Your job is to terrorize a household. You need to wait and find the perfect moment to steal blood, obviously by biting people. Do not think this is simple! Sometimes you need to be creative and create some distractions. You even “fight” people that try to kill you. Weirdly enough, you can win with some bumps.

Japan World Cup

Last but not least, this is a horse racing game but it is really weird, with many horses having strange bodies and weird hair. There are so many weird things that the jockeys can ride, like trojan horses or elephants. Even the obstacles in this game are really weird. This game was so successful that it actually became a series.