Piemob is Great for Saving Money Online

Whether it’s cash back, discounts, or loyalty points, Piemob is great for saving money online and getting more value from apps you already use or want to use. Fortunately, it’s now easier than ever to collect these rewards from several different apps, so let’s look at some of the best ways to do so.

Loyalty Programs

Customer loyalty programs are especially effective because they create incentives through reward points, discounts, or membership cards (e.g., Shopkick).

To collect these rewards, you’ll need to download an app and link your account with the retailer (e.g. Staples, Walmart, or Target). Once you’ve connected the account, you’ll receive a focus (called kicks) for entering a store and other kicks for checking and acquiring items.

Then, you’ll be rewarded for those purchases with rewards like cash back or membership cards to the retailers featured in the app. For example, Checkout 51 is an app that lets you earn cash back for grocery and gas purchases.

Monetary Reward Study 1

To investigate how the placement of a reward affects selection frequency, participants completed a series of experiments where they were asked to select one of two color-coded app icons from a set of three, then complete a data logging task where their expense codes were matched to purchase descriptions. A reward was then presented in several different locations, including before the logging task (pre-task), after completing the logging task (post-task), or after a loading delay following the logging task (delay). The rewards were monetary, and points connected to a points-based leaderboard were explored in Study 2.

Pay Your Prepaid Mobile Data Plan

Piemob is great for saving money online by letting you pay for your prepaid mobile data plan on the platform. Every game you play, the item you buy, or the service you subscribe to while using Piemob will result in rewards that can be put towards part or all of your Prepaid wireless data plan.

T-Mobile offers a variety of prepaid plans to fit your needs. Some start at $40 a line and include rollover data, while others provide limited data for a much lower price.

For example, the T-Mobile Prepaid ONE Plan includes unlimited high-speed data in the US and Canada but not for hotspots or other data-first devices. In addition, tethering is limited to max 3G speeds unless you add Plus, which offers 10GB of high-speed data.

If you’re traveling abroad and need to ensure you have enough data, AT&T offers an international data plan that lets you use your data allowance in Europe. However, it costs $10 daily and requires an existing AT&T prepaid data plan.

Shop & Save

Piemob has several tools that can help you save money when shopping online. For example, the Camelizer browser extension will track prices on sites like Amazon and alert you to price drops so you can buy a product at a lower rate elsewhere. And apps such as Digit and Qapital automatically transfer small amounts from your checking account to a separate savings account. By putting these tools to work, you can save hundreds of dollars each year without thinking about it. Another helpful tip is to avoid making impulse purchases, putting anything non-essential into your cart but leaving it for at least 24 hours before purchasing it. It’s easy to do and a great way to ensure you don’t buy items you won’t need or use.