How to Use a PC Trainer?

It can be very frustrating when you get to the last level of your favorite game and you can’t pass it for too long. The same goes for the situation where your friends are playing much longer than you are so their skill is better. That is the perfect time to use a cheat and get a little bit advantage over the game or other players.

These programs are also referred to as a PC trainer and they are an alternative to codes that were used in the past. They aren’t too complex to be used, similar to an app where you set up everything according to the game. There are advantages and disadvantages so make sure you do your research before using them.

Pros and Cons

One of the most important advantages is that you don’t need any coding knowledge to use it. You also have many more ways to cheat and you can manage it by combining certain keys on a keyboard. A good thing is that you won’t even notice it because it seems like it’s embedded in the game. Depending on what you play, you could be able to set the desired values.

Some of the disadvantages are obvious because you are using something that isn’t according to the rules. The program needs to be started before running the game and you will need to update the version if you want to play. It means that you need a new trainer every time there is an update. If you don’t do so, it may crash or glitch. Read more here.

Another disadvantage is that there is a high chance you will get banned if you misuse it. A portion of these programs contains malware that may impact your PC so be careful when choosing one. It doesn’t mean they are unsafe, if you invest a small amount, they will probably be clear to use.

Find the Game Version

The first step is the most important because many people make a mistake and download the wrong thing. Each website will have information about the latest update they have available. Check what version your game is using so you can prevent crashes. You can also do this by going into the folder where it is downloaded and find properties with all needed information.

Sometimes it will be hard to find this information so check with their website. It would be best to find one source you can stick with that will always get a new version when needed. It can be annoying to download once and then look for another source when the update happens.

Downloading the Game Trainer

You will probably find many results on Google when searching for a trainer but not all of them are a good option. A good thing is that there are a lot of them which are high-quality but the majority can cause damage to your system. Always check when they started working and how many downloads they have. This can also be faked so try to find information on other websites.

Reviews are the first thing you can check and how they rate a certain website. If they are not promoting it, the review is probably legitimate. You can contact someone online and check what their experience was and if they prefer it. If you own an anti-virus program, it will warn you if something is wrong with the file.

Using the Program

In most cases, you will download a compressed file that you need to extract files from before starting the program. It’s recommended to make a separate folder for it. If you have a problem with your anti-virus, it doesn’t have to mean that it has a virus but your program just doesn’t recognize it. So, turn off the anti-virus and open the folder again. Get more information here:

You should find a text file with the activation key if it is required. If not, you can check the information for cheat trigger keys. When you have all the information needed, you can launch the game directly from the program. The same key will be for activation and deactivation for a certain cheat. Always be careful when using it so you won’t get banned.