How to Know If You’re Good and Play Well in League Of Legends

Ask yourself an important question: Are you trying to upload, or are you trying to upload quickly? Being diverse with more than 20 champions is not necessarily bad, but it will delay your raise compared to having focused on 3 champions per role. This is especially true if most of the champions used have less than 3 games, which is not enough time to get much competitive success. Decreasing the number of champions used will help your division rise speed.

Champions to master:

Some champions are much more complex than others. You have to ask yourself again: Is your goal to raise divisions or climb divisions quickly? If so, you need what’s called League of Legends elo boosters.

Any champion is acceptable enough to climb. There are Diamond levels for every champion in the game, and even some Diamond players with extremely strange variants of champions like a Blitzcrank Top AD.


What to review ?: How often do you die in each game?

Death counters:

Your deaths tend to be at the extremes of less than 3 and more than 7, with very few in between?
If the death counters are quite polarized, this is an indication that you have difficulty playing from behind. When things start to go as they should, one of the safest actions you should take is to play defensively, instead of constantly trying to kill the enemy and die.

However, one of the most difficult parts of playing from behind is to use strategies other than Teamfights (group fights). Teamfights is the most obvious example of a game which we are winning, but it is not always the way to get an advantage. Consider these other options:

– Do not start teamfights yourself, unless they have a certain numerical advantage (Example: Noticing a top enemy that does not have a teleport).

– CS! The murders amount to 300 gold, but so is killing about 15 subjects.

– Start separate thrusts and force the powerful enemy to defend, leaving it in a 4v4 for the rest of the team.

– Display Sentinels in the enemy jungle to ambush other enemies.

– Apply pressure on the line pushing your subjects against the enemy tower to force the enemy to defend their tower, and then start a teamfight or Dragon / Baron while the enemy defends.