How Mace Windu Acquired his Purple Lightsaber

Mace Windu wielded the purple lightsaber in Star Wars and a very significant character during the clone wars. One major interest in the famous character was how he got linked to the purple lightsaber. Mace Windu lightsaber has many fans since it is unique throughout the film. Mace was a Jedi and is not expected to wield the purple sword according to the lightsabers colours meanings. People of Jedi cause are wielders of the blue and green lightsabers. So the main question asked by most people is how a Jedi came to wield a purple lightsaber.

Real-world origin: Why Mace Windu came to Wield the Purple Lightsaber.

 The character Samuel Jackson in an interview by the British talk show, placed a personal request to Geoge Lucas to give him a role in the movie where he would wield a purple lightsaber. He wanted to be of the highest hierarchy in the Jedi order and become a unique character in the war. At the first request, Geoge Lucas did not consider including the character requested by Samuel. Finally, he added the character to the film.

The Star Wars Universe Origin: Why Mace Wielding a Purple Lightsaber.

Windu was introduced with the purple lightsaber during the clone war in the Star Wars sequel. He was a Jedi initiate. In the film, Windu gets a vision of him being unable to craft his lightsaber since he did not have all the necessary parts. So he goes to a different native land to acquire the items and gets chased away. In the process of Windu being chased, a native broke a canyon. Just by using the Living Force, Windu was able to repair the canyon, after which the natives gave him a purple crystal from which he crafted his lightsaber. This origin is, however, non-canon currently.

Windu’s lightsaber was the only one crafted with electrum in gold color and a unique purple blade that was not common in Star Wars. Additionally, the crystal type used to create the lightsaber is only found in one area that is the Hurikane. The wielder of the purple lightsaber was believed to be a bearer of numerous lightsaber forms and can also take part in the dark side of Sith.


Lightsabers are very old types of swords choose by the Jedi cause. The kyber crystal colour used usually determines the colour of the crafted lightsaber, as in Windu’s case. The lightsabers tell much about its wielder, and every Jedi has to acquire or make one once they are of age. Windu owned a purple lightsaber crafted from purple crystals that he had obtained from his native land. This is how we see the popular Jedi get his unique purple sword. Additionally, the character also ended up having the only purple lightsaber in the film after placing his request to be included as a wielder of the purple lightsaber.