Discover the Gamer Inside You With the Perfect Games

What is more unpleasant than to start a quiz that we discovered by ourselves, or received by e-mail, and to realize that we do not find the answers, or that we cannot complete the game because it requires a purchase, or to vote “friends” that we have not, etc.

Geometry Spot is a hub for geometry enthusiasts, providing a wealth of resources. Dive into concepts, solve problems, and explore geometric wonders with us.

To solve this problem we have developed a very simple little tool that you always have at your fingertips: the bookmark let “Gaming sites en direct”. When you are on the page of a game, you only need one click to know immediately if the answers of the game are on Gaming sites, without leaving the page of the game! In addition, if the page you are on is a scam (there are plenty of fake contests on the internet), we warn you. The bookmark let also tells you all other active games on the site you are on. At the Run 3 unblocked this is the perfect option now.

  • If the game is not yet listed on gaming sites (it’s rare!), you can report it in 1 click you will find it on gaming sites, hulled by our editors, a few hours later.
  • To save time in your games, you will quickly take the reflex to click on “Gaming sites live”.

Why is there advertising on gaming sites

On Gaming sites, we do not abuse the ad, no window “Pop-up”, or banner or video that open unexpectedly and cover pages … but advertising is our ONLY source of income, this is what allows us to pay the salaries of our editors and technicians, servers (5 servers for gaming sites), and taxes! That’s why we forbid on gaming sites the use of tools that block advertising and that we block access to our pages to those who use it.

If you like Gaming sites, we encourage you to, from time to time; give a few seconds of your attention to our advertising sponsors, without which your site could not exist.

The personalized display on Gaming sites, how does it work?

  • When you are connected to gaming sites (or monograming sites), the custom view is active on gaming sites.
  • For each contest, you have new buttons: “ignore” + 1 blue box and 1 green box. You can use the blue and green boxes for what you want. For example, check the blue box to remind you of the games you want to play every day, and the green one for the games you want to do later.
  • When you click on “Participate” for a game, the red button turns blue and the background of the contest changes color. So, you know which games you have already played.
  • You can also click “ignore” for a game you have already played, so it will appear folded in all our game lists.
  • Your marks (blue and green), the games ignored, and the color of the button “to participate” are persistent on ALL the pages of Gaming sites. For example, if you skip a game today on the “games added today” page, you’ll always find it ignored in 1 month on the “games that end today” page.