Best Things To Do In Palm Springs On This Weekend

Palm Springs is a city in California that became famous in the early twenties. Its peaceful aura allows people to take a break from the mayhem of their overwhelming life and dwell in the mesmerizing view of the San Jacinto and Santa Rosa mountains. This city is a complete feast to the eyes of tourists.

The vacation houses, perfectly showcasing the midcentury culture, are undoubtedly a delight to the sightseers. From golf courses and spas to captivating dining places, this city is an all in one package.

The delightful vibes of Palm Springs effortlessly lure the tourists and cater to their wanderlust with its enchanting weekend spots. To call the Coachella festival its epicenter wouldn’t do justice to all the euphoric destinations this city brings to the table. The spellbinding Christmas lights, the vast deserts, and much more are just the tip of an adventurous iceberg stacked up with thrill and excitement.

You can sit by the poolside, adoring the beauty of Palm Springs, and call it a day. On the other hand, it will be much more adventurous to partake in the exuberant activities this city has to offer and make every moment count, right?

So, get ready to feel that dopamine gushing in your body because the activities we have in store for you will leave your heart pounding like crazy! Prepare yourself to encounter the most treasurable experiences of your lifetime. Continue reading further because we have a list of the best things to Do in Palm Springs this weekend, curated only for you.

  1. Fly like a free bird at the Air Museum in Palm Springs

If you’ve always dreamt of taking a flight in combat airplanes, this is your chance now. Seize this fantastic opportunity to visit this extraordinary Air Museum in Palm Springs and admire their collection of aircrafts this weekend. From fighter jets to the Catalina flying boat, this spot flaunts the Korean-Vietnamese Warplanes that mesmerize tourists in the twinkling of an eye.

It is the perfect destination and should top your list of things to Do in Palm Springs with kids. It helps expand the historical knowledge of wars and other significant events and develops a unique connection and empathy towards the martyrs.

So, head towards the Air Museum in Palm Springs with your family and spend a relishing weekend!

  1. Get set to experience an adrenaline rush with the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

We all have that fantasy of admiring the beauty of this world from afar, correct? Well, lucky for you because Palm Springs offers you just the right chance to treat all your senses with a heavenly sight. Linger over the spellbinding Coachella valley and encounter an unforgettable experience from at least 2.5 miles above the ground.

Established in 1963, this angular station has to offer the world’s largest aerial tramway facilitated with rotating tramcars. In just 10 minutes, you will be hovering over the Chino Canyon, elevated by the tram upheld with cables.

Wait, that’s not all! You can also choose to visit the two restaurants situated there and explore at least 50 miles of a trek along with several breathtaking viewpoints.

 Who would want to miss such a unique opportunity, right? Therefore, visit the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway with your group this weekend!

  1. Savour the sight of Palm Canyon Waterfall Oasis

Spotting a rainbow near a beautiful oasis in the middle of a desert sounds straight out of an adventurous movie. Well, this flowing water isn’t just a mirage in a neverending desert!

You get to savor the delightful sight of a waterfall oasis at Palm Springs Canyon. Tahquitz Canyon is a tribal area protecting this 60-foot tall waterfall near the Indian Canyon. It is a well-maintained trail that appeals to all the visitors.

There is also a theatrical documentary that provides essential information about the history and importance of the Canyon.

Can’t wait to enjoy splashing the freshwater with your mates? Well, then visit Tahquitz Canyon on the upcoming weekend!

  1. Rejuvenate yourselves with an Entrancing Escape Room Adventure

Palm Springs is home to countless amusement centers that enrapture the visitors entirely. But if you want to explore an action-packed gaming platform that is stacked up with enigma, escape rooms are always available at your service.

Their befuddling conundrums deliver an electrifying rollercoaster ride of emotions that challenges all your mental abilities. These bewildering escape games are perfect for any family gathering as well as age group. And don’t worry about the budget because these perplexing mini-dungeons are priced at quite pocket-friendly rates. Some of the best escape rooms in Palm Springs are Escape Rooms Palm Springs, Escape Games At The River, and Brainy Actz Escape Rooms.

Visit your favorite escape room in Palm Springs and brainstorm with your pals to fathom the victory!


Palm Springs is a prominent tourist attraction in California, United States. Undeniably, the list of Best Things to Do in Palm Springs, Ca, is endless. But, don’t stress out because we did all the necessary digging for your convenience. After carefully reviewing and analyzing the countless spots, we have successfully amalgamated a list of the best weekend activities to enjoy with your loved ones.

So, what are you busy wondering? Ping all your group members and pay a visit to the most amazing destinations this weekend!

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