9 Killer Strategies for Solving Kenken Puzzles

These intriguing math based puzzles are simpler to resolve than you may think, and they’re an enjoyable tool for sharpening mental arithmetic skills too. Here are a few sound advice for individuals who’re a new comer to Kenken puzzles, and you will be acquainted with the logic of many of them should you already do Sudoku puzzles.

TIP 1: USE LOGIC NOT Uncertainty

Kenken puzzles are just like Sudoku puzzles in this way. If one makes an error it’s rarely apparent immediately so when you need to do uncover it it’s more often than not impossible to retrace your steps and begin again. Therefore use elimination and just complete several if you’re 100% sure the simple truth is. Within the simple puzzles there’s a cage with simply one cell so just one number will go in. There, you’ve began.

TIP 2: WRITE Lower THE Figures You Are Able To Just Use

Therefore if, for instance you’re solving a 4 x 4 write the figures 1 right through to 4 somewhere close to the grid. It is good to continually possess the different figures combinations as well as their relationships in your thoughts continually. This really is simpler if you’re able to begin to see the figures.


Kenken puzzles will also be like Sudoku puzzles for the reason that it’s wise to create in candidates within the cells. Candidates are lists of figures that may use a specific cell and they may be penciled on it. You will notice that afterwards you’ll be able to narrow these lower to 1 single candidate while you start solving.

TIP 4: USE Checking To Get Rid Of CANDIDATES

With Kenken puzzles realize that the amount are only able to appear once in almost any row or column. If you look for a number it’s eliminated from both row and column that intersects that specific cell. Figures could be therefore eliminated from candidate lists when cells are solved by using this logic.

TIP 5: Search For ROWS AND Posts Which Are ALMOST FINISHED

If your row or column only has one cell left unsolved then while you cannot repeat several there’s just one number that may use it. For instance should you have had a row or column of 5 using the figures 2, 1, 5 and three already completed then your last unfilled cell must have a 4.


Keep in mind that Kenken puzzles use math, which can further eliminate candidates.

For instance, if you’re solving a 6 by 6 grid and you’ve got a cage which has a sum comparable to 11 there are 3 figures that may use, 6 and 5 therefore we can place them because the only candidates. Look for cages such as this where merely a couple of figures will go in.


Above are a good example of pairs, but again this will make Kenken puzzles similar Sudoku ones. So, for those who have two cells consecutively or column where 3 figures will go, then individuals cells could be eliminated using their company candidate lists for the reason that row or column.


When you get stuck switch techniques, i.e. move from searching for pairs and triples to checking. Whenever we really go to town puzzles it’s often because we have missed something and altering approach usually can uncover something we’ve overlooked.

TIP 9: Return To IT LATER

Every solvers find yourself in trouble every now and then. In case you really are stuck save what you have carried out and return to it another time. Having a fresh actually will place something you missed before.