Is it better to play chess online with a friend or against a computer?

Most of the different existing websites where you can play chess online offer you the choice between playing chess with a friend or against computer. These are two things completely different despite the fact that they both allow you to play this game fully.

The benefits of playing chess with a friend

First, chess brings people of different cultures, ages and backgrounds together. It is better to play chess online with friends because it enables you to make new friends in the online community as it can connect you with people from all over the world. Moreover, it provides a great opportunity to strengthen relationships.  In addition to that, meeting diverse players from all around the world will help you grow and develop your experience. You may wonder how… In fact, the person with whom you play can help you by explaining your mistakes and showing you what you should have done instead, especially if that person is more skillful than you are. You can then learn from each other.

Here is another fact that can help you choose between playing chess with a friend or against computer. Playing chess with a friend enables you to discover various game styles from the different players you play with. Moreover, you will hone your skills through choosing different levels of playing. You can play with a friendthat has the same level of competency as you. If you wish to improve and advance your skills, you can also challenge yourself and play with stronger opponents. You can even learn better from them.

The advantages of playing against computer

Thanks to the evolution of artificial intelligence, you can battle a virtual opponent in your computer, at the levels of your choice.There are even programs that allow you to choose the behavior of the computer opponent such as tactical, aggressive, etc. Let us dive in more to help you pick the best between playing chess with a friend or against computer.It can be worth playing against computer in chess, especially when you are a total beginner. Why? Because we can identify well our weaknesses through computer engines. Moreover, as computers are able to play various styles for all levels, that enables you to enrich your experience on chess widely. What is more? Most of chess enthusiasts have said that they are learning more about why they blunder when they play against a computer.

Apart from that, playing against computer helps you learn interesting things like booking openings, chess endings, etc. Moreover, you can search a large database of games such as tactic puzzles, end game training, etc. you can get multiple game possibilities but it depends on the software you have.

Final thoughts

You have a free choice between playing chess with a friend or against computer. Anyway, there are many different apps where you can play both with a real opponent and with artificial intelligence. With both of them, you get something to improve upon and play better. We have seen above the obvious benefits we get when playing against a computer from time to time. Despite that, in my opinion, if I have to choose between them, I prefer playing against human opponents for the simple reason that they make interesting mistakes from which I can change my tactical vision. Furthermore, I can see a wide variety of chess openings when playing with a friend than playing the computer out of the box. One thing to remember is that grandmasters do not practice chess by playing against computer programs, they actually play in tournaments, solve problems, play practice games, etc.